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Helping Your Kids Find Jesus Together

A Safe Place for Children to Explore Their Faith

Our children’s ministry encompasses newborns through sixth grades. The children are cared for and taught in a Christ-centered environment where they are valued, loved, and encouraged.

If your child requires any kind of special assistance during their visit to First Covenant please view our Special Needs Page to see our accommodations.

Find Us

Locate the Nursery Wing

From the front main entrance turn left and follow the hallway midway down to the Nursery counter on the left. From the side entrance on the south end of the building follow the hallway halfway down its length to the nursery counter on the right.

Locate Kidztown

From the front main entrance turn right and follow the hallway and stop before the glass windows at the end and take another right at the last door.

Locate the Elementary Wing

From the front main entrance go straight ahead with a slight jog to the right to the down starway. At the bottom of the stairway the classrooms are to the left and to the right. Follow the hallways and locate the names of the rooms on the wall next to each doorway.


Nursery Hours

Nursery hours are 9:15 a.m. - 12:10 p.m.

Nursing mothers may use the “Mother’s Room” which is located in the South hallway. The changing tables are in the restrooms in the nursery hallway.


Nursery Registration

Childcare is available for children ages 0-3 years old. Registration is held at the check-in desk in the main foyer. After your first Sunday you may visit any kiosk and type in your last name to check in your family. For safety reasons only nursery workers are to enter the nursery. In the event you may be need to be notified, we will text your cell phone.



Labels should be put on children and their possessions before entering the nursery. Please mark diaper bags, bottles, blankets, pacifiers, etc. Your cooperation is crucial to run the nursery smoothly and give each child the proper care.

Pick Up Your Children

Please pick up your child promptly to insure proper child supervision and smooth flow of traffic between services. When you pick up your child, go to the check-in desk for babies, and north nursery door for toddlers with your printed receipt and wait for a worker to bring him/her to you.

What to Bring

  • A bag marked with the child’s name
  • An extra change of clothing
  • 2 extra diapers or pull-ups and wipes
  • Marked bottles or sipper cups
  • A snack will be provided in the nursery during the services. No outside food should be brought into the nursery with the exception of your child having a food allergy.

IMPORTANT: Please let us know of your child’s food allergies


Toys and recreational facilities in the nursery are constantly updated. Toys are cleaned after each use.

Note: Children’s personal toys should not be brought to the Nursery but blankets for comfort are welcome.


To maintain high health standards, sick children are not accepted in the nursery. Children should be free of fever for twenty-four hours before attending their class. Children requiring scheduled medicines should remain at home. If your child becomes ill, you will be notified immediately.


We use the utmost care to provide a safe and clean environment. Every worker is required to follow procedures for diaper changing, hand washing, and cleaning of the nursery. All nursery volunteers have gone through a nursery training which covers safety and procedures. These volunteers have a Personal Information Sheet and background check on file to further insure your child’s safety!

Be a Caregiver

Volunteering to help with children is a pleasant and rewarding experience. If you are interested in becoming a Nursery Caregiver, please contact our Nursery Supervisor, Megan Yager


We value your children’s safety at First Covenant. We use an electronic check-in system to ensure we have your contact information and only approved adults may pick up children by showing a receipt that is unique to your family. All volunteers at FCC fill out a written application and a federal background check. A minimum of two volunteers are staffed in each classroom. The FCC Safety Team provides yearly training in emergency procedures to volunteers throughout the church, and saftey plans are posted in each room.

Children's Ministry Staff
Lisa Beery
Children's Ministry Assistant
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Amanda Koerperich
Nursery Director
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