Screenagers: Parenting In The Digital Age

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Date: Sunday, Nov 11, 2018
Time: 5:00 - 9:00 pm

A seminar that equips parents with expert knowledge and advice to help their children develop healthy habits in the tech-saturated world. Youth are also welcome to attend this event.

screenagers You are invited to a private viewing of the Screenagers documentary which will be followed by sessions led by mental health experts from the Face to Face Movement. You can view the Screenagers trailer HERE.

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Session 1 Topics:

What does the research say about what technology is doing to our children’s development? How can parents ensure that their children reap the benefits of technology while avoiding the pitfalls? When do parents say “no” when it feels like everyone else is saying “yes”? And what about us? What messages do parents’ tech choices say to their children? This presentation explores these questions and gives guidance on how to successfully raise kids with a balanced technology approach.

With most young people choosing social and digital media as their preferred entertainment and communication venues, many are confused about what a healthy relationship looks like. Media messages describing healthy relationship are often misleading and potentially harmful. This seminar will explore the ways young people can filter information about relationships expressed through digital and social media and learn to decipher the difference between healthy and unhealthy messages.

​As parents we all want to have the language and confidence to know how to effectively teach our young children about healthy sexuality and its online counterfeit. In this presentation you will receive a step-by-step breakdown about how to teach your child about healthy sexuality and addicted sexuality, including a simplified way to teach your child about sexuality and brain development. You will be given a simple protocol to teach your children when exposed to pornography.

Session 2 Topics:

We were created to be in connection with God and with others but we often seem more connected to our devices. How do we make authentic connections when we’re so connected to our screens? Is it becoming more challenging to put the phone away and spend quite moments with God? How can we get back to listening to God and focusing intentionally on our family and friends? This session explores these hard questions, explains what is going on in the brain that makes the pull towards the device so powerful and shows the tricks tech companies use to keep us engaged and distracted. This is a grace-filled, not shame-filled session with the understanding that technology has the ability to trap us all in various ways. The goal is for the audience to walk away with a sense of understanding, grace and conviction to make any necessary changes and offers tips to get back to true connection with God and others.

This presentation is excellent for parents, educators, church leaders and others interested in understanding the fundamentals of what is happening in the brain of a child that makes for a socially adjusted human being and how our new screen culture could be changing the brain of our children. Valerie reviews the early development of the brain (in a fun and audience friendly way), discusses outcomes of screens such as a move from ‘deep attention’ to ‘hyper attention’ and offers some simple recommendations regarding what you can do starting now to rewire your child’s brain in a way that will best insure that your child will enjoy a healthy future relationally and otherwise.

Has the overexposure of digital media created zombie-like behaviors in our adolescent and young adult populations? This seminar will outline the positive and negative implications of the digital environment on adolescent brain development, learning and behavior, and will also explore the need for balance and discernment when determining the amount and types of digital media that young brains should be exposed to. Strategies to prevent the negative effects of excess exposure will be outlined and recovery methods will be presented for those experiencing digital addictions.


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