Life Groups

Journey Through Life Together

Life Groups

Everyone has a need to be known. We desire to connect with others. While church is a great place to enjoy amazing worship and hear an engaging sermon, it is difficult to connect with each other on a deeper level. A Life Group offers a place to connect and do life with others also on the journey.


What Is A Life Group?

Life Groups are an important part of our life at First Covenant as we grow together in our faith and in our relationship with Christ. Life Groups are life-giving, authentic communities designed to encourage, grow, and to share our lives together. Groups meet weekly or bi-weekly in homes on various evenings throughout the week. Some groups are experiencing a similar stage-of-life and some are intergenerational. When groups gather they converse, pray, and study the Word together. Life Groups also serve together throughout Salina. Life Groups do life together.

What Is Our Vision For Life Groups?

Life Groups assist the mission of First Covenant Church by encouraging individuals to go Deeper in Christ and Further in Mission. Our Life Groups strive to be:

How Can I become A Part Of A Life Group?

Sign up for a Life Group using Life Groups Finder or indicate your interest on the Connection Card in the Sunday morning Worship Guide. You will then be contacted about your preferences and matched with a group.

What Do You Study At A Life Group?

Life Groups choose what they study; some do videos, sermon series, and/or scripture. All groups are encouraged to participate in the sermon series each fall and spring. Life Group questions that correspond to the sermon text are posted on You Version Bible app and discussed at group gatherings.

Come and join a Life Group; grow in relationship both with others and Christ.


“We have found life groups a good way to stay connected to the body of Christ. We are richly blessed with the fellowship, Bible study, and being able to share our prayer requests with our brothers and sisters in Christ who really care about us”

“As we served in our Life Group] we never knew there were so many hungry kids and families in Salina! Donating time or food to the Food Bank is critical to individuals in Salina.”

“Knowing that I need to lead my heart and not follow it, I place myself in a Life Group to make certain that I am being transformed by His Word and that I am strengthened by His Body (other believers). The Lord’s hand is mysterious as He places different individuals around my life at different times and how He chooses to use each of them as blessings in my life – it is awesome. I could NEVER orchestrate the greatness myself. He says to never give up on meeting with each other & I don’t intend to give it up.”

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