Van Rules

General Rules…

  • No van shall have more than 11 passengers in them
  • Driver must not talk or text on a cell phone
  • All passengers must wear seat belts at all times
  • On long trips no sleeping is allowed in the front two seats
  • No items are allowed to be stacked higher than back seat

While driving the driver must…

  • Be a defensive driver
  • Follow at a safe distance
  • Plan ahead
  • Be prepared for the unexpected
  • Use caution
  • Be courteous to other drivers
  • Do not swerve to miss an animal

Important tips…

  • Inspect vehicle from front to back. Pay close attention to tires
  • Don’t overload the van. This could cause a blow out
  • Always have passengers sit closer to the front
  • Take frequent breaks
  • When visibility is reduced, turn on headlights
  • Use low beams while driving in fog or snow
  • If you can not see a safe distance ahead slow down or stop on the side of the road
  • Use center line of the edge of the roadway as a guideline when visibility is reduced
  • Highways are most slippery just after rain starts to fall
  • If the roads are wet reduce speed and increase following distance
  • On ice if your wheels start spinning, ease up on accelerator
  • Do not lock breaks
  • Allow plenty of time to stop
  • On snow or ice increase following distance
  • Keep doors closed when moving
  • Transport authorized passengers only
  • No standing or moving around
  • No person is to be in the very back of the van
  • No smoking
  • Make smooth start and stops
  • Turn off the van while filling it up with gas
  • Never leave the van
  • unattended with children inside

Rules for passengers…

  • Always follow the drivers instructions
  • Talk quietly
  • Stay in your seat with seat belt on while in motion
  • On long trips no sleeping is allowed in the front two seats
  • Be courteous to driver, other passengers, and motorists
  • Do not damage the van in any way
  • Throw trash away
  • Be quiet at railroad crossings