Marsha Pavkov

Director of Children's Ministries

I am so thankful for the opportunity to be the Director of Children's Ministries since 1991 at First Covenant Church. It has been an honor to equip children and families to grow spiritually and now to see some of those children grow up to be leaders in the children's areas. My own children are now adults but are always glad to come back to their "home" church. My husband, Roger, loves to be involved in children's ministry also.

Teachers in the children's ministries are encouraged to be relational and to make their classes active, Bible-based and fun. It has been a goal to create avenues for children to grow spiritually.  What a thrill it's been to see children in discipleship for 4 years and ending it with a mission trip in our Breakout ministry. Another joy is to see our children bringing their friends on Wednesday night because they are so excited about the KidMo ministry and the relationships being built.

There are so many fulfilling things about what I do and there is no higher calling than to minister to a child. I am so thankful for others who share that calling and teach out of a heart that loves children.

My vision is to better equip and encourage parents in their roles as spiritual leaders in their families. My goal is to team with families in raising children to be world changers for Christ.