Special Reach


We believe each child is a unique and an amazing gift from God. We look forward to meeting you and knowing more about your family. We want to assist you in finding the best way our program can help your family fully engage in First Covenant Church. Please call our church office about connecting with a Special Reach coordinator. We would love to give you a tour of the church, provide a “social story” and match a resource to your child.

Choosing to see everyone through God’s eyes requires us to not just accept each other but to actively search for ways to meet each others’ needs. Special Reach Ministry began as we listened to special needs families and realized that parents were coming to worship in shifts so one parent could be a caregiver. One mom shared that Sundays are the most difficult day for her special needs child. We have chosen to encourage these families and minister to parents and children.   We are still learning just how amazing of a gift special needs children are to us.

If you would like your child to be in a Sunday morning class, please contact Marsha Pavkov (823-3792) for more information.

Help us get to know your child!  Please print and fill out this Special Reach Profile and turn in to the church office.