Nursery Caregiver Procedures

The following are a few procedures formulated to help us all work more effectively. 

  1. Please be in the nursery 15 minutes before the worship service and be prepared to stay 15 minutes after. When you arrive, put on a nametag.
  2. Always stay in the nursery with the children. We don't take fussy babies for a walk in the halls.
  3. Make sure all the children's belongings are labeled (bottle, bag, pacifier, etc.) and that each child has a name tag on, complete with nursery number and parents name on it. Sign-in helpers will assist with this task.
  4. We have pagers available for our parents and we recommend that new parents or those bringing a fussy baby take one.
  5. Please check all diapers at least twice during each service. After changing the baby, put a note in the bag so parents are reassured that the diaper has been changed.
  6. Change all children's diapers on the changing table. Never leave the child unattended while on the table. Always leave the door ajar when you're helping a child in the restroom.
  7. To prevent potential spread of infectious disease, please follow these steps with each diaper change:
    • wash hands with soap
    • gather all equipment needed (diaper, wipes, ointment, baby)
    • put on gloves
    • diaper baby
    • remove gloves
    • remove baby from changing
    • area to safe area
    • place gloves and contaminated
    • diaper in the trash
    • wash hands with soap
    • disinfect table

    We will significantly decrease the risk of cross contamination among children and workers by following these basic guidelines.

  8. Please wash infants crib toys between use. Small ones put everything in their mouths and we don't want to pass germs from child to child.
  9. At the end of the church service, please see that all toys that have been used are washed and put away. It is especially important in the infant nursery to wash toys well with Lysol(TM) and warm water. If you notice that supplies are running low, please leave a note for the Nursery Coordinator.
  10. Please do not overfeed babies with too many crackers, etc. Use your own good judgment.
  11. Remove sheets from the cribs after each child's use. Put them in the laundry basket to be washed for the next week. Spray the cribs with disinfectant. Put a clean sheet on the bed. Put a "clean" sign on the bed.
  12. Keep children engaged in play and interaction with a variety of toys and use of music. Please make sure the children are your focus. Get down and play with the children, sing to them, and let them know they're loved by interacting with them.
  13. Do not allow children to cry continuously for a long period of time. If they do, have the check-in desk attendant notify parents. A guideline for a long period of time is 15 minutes.
  14. Near the end of the church service begin organizing children's belongings. This will enable an orderly return of children to parents. Allow older toddlers to pick up and be helpers.
  15. Please PRAY for our babies as you hold and feed them.