A Place to Gather Together

Why do we gather together for the worship of God?  We could just worship God at home couldn’t we?  Well, sort of.  But just like trying to stay in shape without an exercise partner; worshipping God without a community to encourage you is somewhat fruitless.  Worship gatherings at FCC provide an environment of mutual encouragement and inspiration to continue on the journey of seeking after God with all of our heart, soul, mind, and strength.

Whether you are intentionally training to become more like Jesus, or just looking for a place to try out this spiritual exercise called Christian worship, at First Covenant we have a place for you. Our worship gatherings are designed to provide environments for all ages to encounter the transformational character of God.

If you are looking for a place of meaningful service, our worship ministry teams have a spot for you.  From our technical teams to our worship choir, there are plenty of opportunities for ministry through the creative arts.